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About me

Just like you, I find myself at the centre of a series of experiences and with no heads up have to ride this wave of phenomena. I invite you to dance with me.

On a more conventional note, I'm Anthony Lirase Apio and I love to express myself through music.

I was born in Sekondi, Ghana and grew up in Accra but originally hail from Navrongo.  

I write, produce and perform music. I integrate a lot of genres in my work but maintain an Afro core. My art mostly explores the depths of the human experience and challenges the popular narrative. I respect and accept diverse viewpoints and ultimately desire higher levels of love and unity.  

When I'm not doing music I play the boring role of a medic.

My mind and heart are soothed at the shores of the ocean and the forest is my second favourite place to be. 

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